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Meet Our Crew

Air / Vacuum Utility Potholing


We utilize a technology called air /vacuum excavation to locate and expose existing underground utilities. This technology is employed to quickly and efficiently move soils covering the utility and expose it safely.

Utilizing this method we are able to expose utilities through just a 12” test-hole in the asphalt, concrete or soft surface with minimal impact.


Method and practice: Once the test hole locations have been determined our highly trained crews use a specialized multi-frequency locating instrument to confirm the existing utilities to be exposed. A small 12” square opening in the asphalt, concrete or soft surface is made above the utility.  We then utilize the “Air-lance” to loosen the soil around the utility and a powerful vacuum simultaneously removes the soil and stores it in a holding tank. All of this is done is such a way to not cause damage to the target utility.  Once the utility is exposed we document its depth, size, type and 3D location on a test hole data sheet for submittal to our client.  APS has been providing this level of Subsurface Utility Engineering for over 20 years in both the Design and Construction phases of projects.

Result: Utilizing Air/Vacuum technology, the entire process takes approximately 45 minutes per hole, is completely safe and environmentally compliant. The only evidence of APS presence is a 144 square inch (or as in this case, round) patch.

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