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Non Conductible Video/Locate:

In addition to APS' standard underground utility locating services, APS provides a variety of methods to locate and mark non-conductible utilities. Storm water, sewer, spare conduits, crushed conduits and stub-outs can be accurately located using fiberglass push-rods with transmitting "Sonde's" using multiple frequencies. APS equipment includes 120' to 1000' fiberglass rods with diameters of 3/8" to 9/16" and an assortment of electronic Sonde's for almost any operation. This cost effective solution to locating non-conductible utilities is becoming a great benefit in APS' efforts at damage prevention. APS also uses environmentally safe dye tablets as a method of locating pipes.



  • Video inspect lateral services from the mainline

  • Locate lateral services from the mainline

  • Video inspect 6”-30” mainlines and 3”-8” lateral connections

  • Up to 1000’ of mainline cable and 100’ of lateral cable



  • Video inspect 8” to 60” mainlines

  • Locate 8” to 60” mainlines

  • Up to 1000’ of mainline cable

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